The Museum

The Museum of the Brescian Upper Garda Park is a journey through the area, its local history and culture accompanied by images and sounds, arranged according to different themes and levels.

Upper Garda



It is an innovative exhibition consisting of a garden of the five senses and a collection of “ancient fruits” where you can observe and learn about the forest and the habits of the animals of the Park.



Flying Frogs

It consists in some adventure trails within a natural oasis of incredible beauty and value where you can have fun and challenge height and yourself. It is an incredible fun for all ages and the whole family!




Founded to protect the family Astacidae, today at risk due to pollution, hunting and the presence of new species, the objective of the institute is to increase the population of freshwater crayfish.

Educational activities for schools

The Museum as a school

When the past and the present meet, the land and its heritage become a field of study, a form of participation and planning. It’s this way that the Museum of the Brescian Upper Garda Park has taken on new educational purposes that have long been part of the programmes of the schools of the Park.



The Upper Garda Park Museum Network and the various sites which form it are enchanting places, immersed in a unique environment in the Park’s hinterland and along the coast of Lake Garda.

Discover the Brescian Upper Garda Park, an area that offers beautiful mountains and lakes, nature and beaches, great food and a rich history. A green oasis, nourishing and regenerating, in a perfect balance between history and nature.

0 Towns
The Upper Garda Park territory includes the Towns of Salò, Gardone Riviera, Toscolano Maderno, Gargnano, Tignale, Tremosine, Limone sul Garda, Valvestino and Magasa.
0 Hectares
The environment consists of rich and diverse fauna and flora which vary from the Mediterranean biomes near Benaco to the Alpine ones in the higer areas of the Park.
0 Species
The park is home to many animal species, as the roe deer, the deer, the chamois, the mouflon, the wild boar and the Alpine ibex, reintroduced into the area in 1979.

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