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In close contact with nature

Located in the proximity of the Museum of the Brescian Upper Garda Park is the Nature Observatory, the Flying Frogs Adventure Park and the Crayfish Reproduction Centre. Each of these institutes pursues a special objective which is based on the relationship between man and nature: in this sense, the three organisations contribute together to the promotion of activities such as science and technology education, observation and immersion in nature and research and development of the concept of plant biodiversity.



Trails and adventure in nature

The Observatory is an exciting new nature discovery trail winding through the Regional Forest of Western Garda at Tignale. You can wander around the five-senses garden and visit an orchard/collection of heritage fruit varieties. You can also see the main tree species of the Upper Garda area. Then follow a special woodland trail, which tells you all about the habits of the animals living in the Park; you’II even learn to identify their tracks! This nature observation trail integrates the Museum of the Brescian Upper Garda Park – Visitors’ Centre exhibition with several areas where local, geological, physical, farming/forestry, ethnographic and faunistic characteristics are presented in greater detail, plus spacious areas for nature activities and environmental education. You can tour the rock garden; climb up the observation tower to see a “bird’s eye” view of the Park; see silhouettes of marmots, deer and ibexes and hear their calls; try your hand at the herbalist game; identify local plant species; and find out about the old countryside crafts our forebears practised with great dedication and great effort. There are hundreds of things to do and enjoy in this new area for children and grown-ups!


The Adventure


There is a Tarzan in each one of us

The “Flying Frogs” are the adventure trails of the Brescian Upper Garda Park. Located in a natural oasis of incredible beauty and value, they offer many opportunities to have fun challenging yourself at incredible heights. Incredible fun for all ages: children 3 years old and above.
From the “angel’s flight” of the Big Zip to areas for the little ones, the Park is equipped with the most modern safety systems such as a continuous lifeline system. Admission to the oasis is free and you only pay for the trails; this way it is possible to spend a day in nature taking advantage of the picnic areas and the nearby town sports centre, opened seasonally, with swimming pool, beach volleyball, bowls and soccer field.


The Crayfish



The Reintroduction of the Freshwater Crayfish

Inaugurated during the Life project “Riqualificazione della biocenosi in Valvestino Corno della Marogna 2” (2004-2007), the Reproduction Centre of Prabione was extended and improved with the construction of a new hatchery and the construction of a second outdoor tank. The objective of these outdoor structures is to recreate the habitat of pools which form in large streams so that the crayfish can go through their entire reproductive cycle as naturally as possible. The species bred here is the clade Carsicus of Austropotamobius Italicus with the aim of reintroducing the animal into the streams of eastern Lombardy in Sites of Community Importance. The water comes from the River Acquasinega in the Regional Forest of Western Garda and from a small adjacent spring and it flows continuously to guarantee the high level of oxygenation necessary for the crayfish.

Hollow bricks serve as shelters for the animals while bundles of foliage and brushwood are used to make the tanks look natural and increase cover.

The centre is home to about 200 adult crayfish (about 140 females and 60 males).