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For information and bookings:
ERSAF – Regional Institution for agricultural and forestry services
Via Oliva, 32 – Gargnano
Tel +390365798470


Opening hours:
June-August, Wednesday and Sunday, from 10.00am to 4.00pm

The exhibition point


This exhibition point has been created by ERSAF with Life Nature Project Biocenosis restoration in Valvestino Corno della Marogna 2. The exhibits describe the project activities made in the two Sites of Community lmportance Valvestino and Corno della Marogna – Upper Garda Park. The actions preserving habitats, animals and plants are well documented. Some parts of the exhibition are designed for younger visitors and can be interactive. To reach Puria Nuova you’ll pass through the Forest of Western Garda, where you’II see fine panoramic views and interesting flora and fauna.