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A museum between the past and the present

The Museum of the Brescian Upper Garda Park is a place where the past and the present meet, where the land and its heritage become a field of study, a form of participation and planning. Located between the northern side of the lake and the hinterland, the Museum of the Park is the starting point to visit the Park and the forest around Lake Garda. Built by ERSAF, the Regional Institution for agricultural and forestry services, in collaboration with the Park Mountain Community, the Museum represents the connection between the lake and the mountains: it hosts in fact an incredibly large and detailed collection of documents and pieces which show the numerous naturalistic features and landscapes that characterise the area of Lake Garda and its hinterlands and that are unique among European parks.

Walking through the halls

A sensory experience to discover the Park.

Learn about the Park in the halls of the Museum. In each room you will learn interesting information about the Park through photographs, texts, video and audio content.